“HE Drina” HQ Building, Visegrad

visegrad _perspective from bridge 918 x 612

The Mehmed Paša Sokolovic bridge forms a structure of great cultural and historical importance for the republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina and specifically the city of Višegrad. The status of the bridge as a UNESCO world heritage as well as the Nobel-price winning book ‘The bridge over the river Drina’ playing on this bridge show the cultural/historical importance of the place.

visegrad _perspective from the street 918 x 612

The importance of the bridge as a connector between the north- and the south shore of the river Drina is lost after the construction of the new bridge down the river. The bridge lost its function as a connector and remains as a rudiment of a historical infrastructure. The areas on the north and the south end of the bridge decayed. The abandoned gymnasium on the southern side and the lack of development on the northern side of the Drina proof this. The consequence of this would be a decay of the bridge in the future. With this decay would come the loss of the historical and cultural heritage.


The strategy we propose will revitalize the bridge and its surroundings by incorporating it into a new culture and tourism network. The new design for the square and the HE na Drini office building will turn this area into an attractive place for the locals as well as the tourists.

Our design proposes a building with a courtyard. By lifting up the front side of the volume the courtyard is opened towards the bridge, becoming an extension of the public square. The stone paving continues over the street into the courtyard leading visitors towards the entrance of the museum. The museum in the cantilever can be read as a modern reference to Mehmed Pasha Sokolovics’ construction. It is clearly visible from the bridge and invites the public with a welcoming and spectacular gesture into the courtyard. Also the entrance to the office building is situated towards the courtyard. The design consciously promotes mingling between local office workers and tourists in the courtyard and on the square.
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August, 2010.
Status: competition
In collaboration with space&mattersprikk and studio KU+

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