The Happily Ever After Chair


This chair is a fraction of the high-speed study held in my atelier in Amsterdam at the end of 2008. The aim of the workshop was to develop hybrids whose geometry and aesthetic values would mirror sentiment created by the economical crisis launched the same year. The HAPPILY EVER AFTER CHAIR integrates two second-hand (Swedish Windsor) chair skeletons with the single seating.
The seating board is made of WPC (wood-plastic composite) plate molded with simulated wood texture details. The recycling method allows us to use a variety of dimensions and materials. This chair is made of 100% recycled elements which makes it an extremely eco friendly object.

Reclaiming someone’s wrecked (but favorite) chairs; therefore converting it into a new object is something I would call a recycling of the past. It is a new piece but it confronts their user with recognizable shape and it makes us more aware, a participant in the process.

Components & Characteristics:
Re-used wooden frame; WPC (wood-plastic composite) plate dim.120x50x2;
Easy to assemble, maintain and clean.


March, 2008.
Status: build prototype.

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